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Bernard de Castelbajac  1191    3rd Crusade

Bernard de Castelbajac


3rd Crusade




The Castelbajac family has been guarding the rich and hearty soil of Gascogny for centuries. Descendants of the first king of Navarre Eneko Arista, the lineage has birthed many illustrious figures who have tirelessly defended the land and its prosperity. Having mostly lived in the Bigorre and in Gascony/Armagnac the family has always had a long lasting love for this unique ‘Elixir'.

In between the wars and explorations of many, many years ago, some of the Castelbajacs were Armagnac producers. This is why Louis-Marie de Castelbajac has cast himself out to rediscover the absolute best of the land. Through methodical research akin to that of an archeologist, he explored for 3 years with a team to find a perfect Armaganac. Not only were the results favorable, but homage to the Elixir and his ancestors has been paid, bringing this complexly generous and unique treasure into a new era, an era that celebrates its 700 years of existence.

Loubersan in the XVth Century

Loubersan in the XVth Century